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18.03.2012 (births)
03.06.2012 (addition of a travel report (part 1) about the journey of the sailing vessel "Hermann von Beckerath"in form of a letter written by a female passenger adressed to the wife of the captain, to be found in the family part "emmigrations")
15.06.2012 (addition of part 2 and 3)
01.11.2012 (births and marriages)
23.11.2012 (report and photos of the 11th family reunion)
03.12.2012 (deceases)
28.09.2013 (deceases)
06.10.2013 (marriages and births)
24.12.2013 (births)
21.12.2014 (deceases)
05.05.2015 (deceases)
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10.11.2015 (deceases)
30.08.2016 (deceases)
17.01.2018 (births)