Erich von Beckerath


born December 15, 1891 in Düsseldorf, died May 16, 1981 in Salzburg, was a well-known astrologer and art historian.


Father: Richard von Beckerath (05/14/1861 - 12/25/1943)

Mother: Alwina Clara Theodora von Beckerath born Engelmann (07/26/1856 - 02/24/1929)


Erich von Beckerath was an art historian and heraldist, poet and astrologer who published a number of books and many articles dealing with these subjects.


As part of his astrological research, he was particularly concerned with the astrological symbolism of works of art. Erich von Beckerath particularly sympathized with cosmobiology, which was made famous by Reinhold Ebertin. In the 1930s he wrote contributions to the Regulus calendar, which Ebertin published.


In 1974 he revised the "Kursus der Astrologie" published by Herbert Freiherr von Klöckler.